Patensie, Eastern Cape, South Africa

In 1852 the farm "Patentie" of 3000 morgen was awarded to David Keyser jnr. The farm was sud-divided and in 1858 Patensie was declared a town. The name Patensie has a Hottentot origin and means "plek van die beeste" (where the cattle lie). At first, because all of Patensie was privately owned, town development was difficult and the Citrus and Tobacco co-ops had to develop their own residential areas.

Export citrus is the main crop of the Patensie and the entire Gamtoos Valley area. The season runs from April to October. The community is thriving and apart from citrus; vegetables, chicory and tobacco are also planted. Game farming is growing into a lucrative business and the area is fast becoming a big tourist attraction.

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