Hankey, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Hankey was established in 1826 and is the Gamtoos Valley's oldest town. It is still the administrative town of the Gamtoos Valley. It has modern waterworks, residential areas as well as many church denominations, primary and high schools, modern businesses, a well-known golf course, picnic places, hiking trails, etc.

Magistrate's offices, police station:  Hankey was unique in the founding as a LMS station. The town is surrounded by beautiful and picturesque landscape and fertile farming land.

Other interests in Hankey:

The largest sundial in South Africa. It is 34.6m in diameter. The gnomon is 18m high and weighs one ton. It is Hankey's 160-years Founders' monument.

The grave of Sarah Baartman as well as Dr. John Philip.
The Philip irrigation tunnel - a Nasional Monument

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